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Meet the Berry Vintage family!

The Berry Vintage Family

Meet Daniel.

The craftsman and muscles of Berry Vintage! Dan enjoys pottering in the garage making many of the items that are available for hire. He often says ' I don't decorate, I just move the heavy things'...but deep down he does have an artistic flare and enjoys styling too! Dan especially enjoys working with our customers, and loves to have a chat!

Small Heading

Meet Renee.

The visionary and creator of Berry Vintage.  Renee has designed and created the look and personality of this unique hire business, turning ordinary spaces into fantasy wonderlands for events and special occasions.  Renee is passionate about all she does and loves working with you to make your day truly special.

Meet Onyx.

Keeping Dan and Renee fit and on their toes, she is an energiser bunny who doesn't stop! When she is not pushing her baby in the pram or riding her broom-broom car, she often likes to 'help' us set up small events.

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