Ola! The sun is strong on the Mexican Coast line. 

We’ve got you covered – we’ve built you a pioneering beach bungalow with all the creature comforts of the perfect beach escape so that you can drink, dance and eat in your own elaborate tropical beach paradise. 


2 x Trestle tables

6 x 6 m Boho luxe gazebo with fairy lighting

1 x Cane conversation set of 5

3 x boho mats

3 x Bamboo Beer table sets 

10 x Big dried leaves

1 x Shell chandelier 

2 x Cane sun lounges

3 x Banana Leaf umbrellas

2 x Cable reels

10 x Pinkie chairs

1 x Bamboo Bar

3 x Shaggies

set up and packdown included

Calypso Bae