Meet the Berry Vintage family!

We specialise in unique, vintage and boho décor and props for weddings and events. Whether you are planning a wedding, reception and ceremony, bridal shower, baby shower, dinner party, photo-shoot, special occasion or corporate function, we would be delighted to work with you to help you create a successful and talked about event!

Daniel Berry - Berry Vintage Event Hire

Meet Daniel.

The craftsman and muscles of Berry Vintage! Dan enjoys pottering in the garage making many of the items that are available for hire. He often says ' I don't decorate, I just move the heavy things'...but deep down he does have an artistic flare and enjoys styling too! Dan especially enjoys customer service, and loves to have a chat! So give him a call if you need anything at all!

Renee Berry - Berry Vintage Hire

Meet Renee.

Your stylist of Berry Vintage. She enjoys doing the painting and sanding, making  garlands and bringing her decorating visions to life! She is a stay at home mother during the week while running the full time business, and is the one who will take  the bookings, and answer your emails.

Small Heading

Onyx Berry - Berry Vinage Hire apprentice

Meet Onyx.

Keeping Dan and Renee fit and on their toes, she is an energiser bunny who doesn't stop!  When she is not upside down or riding her bike she often likes to 'help' us set up small events by rolling out the mats or popping vases on the tables. She loves to ride in the van to go 'workings' and if you ask her what we do she will say ' we make brides happy'.


Meet Sam.

He is the new smiling, fresh face at Berry Vintage! Between Studying Event and Business management he can be found setting up events at Berry Vintage. Sam is an all rounder but he particularly enjoys styling ceremonies. You might be lucky enough to have Sam set up your next event!

Sandra - Berry Vintage Angel

Meet Sandra.

She is our behind the scenes angel.  Through the week she is our busy bee, cleaning, fixing, packing and putting away items. She is very creative and loves to help make new items too! Sandra also helps in the office and keeps Berry Vintage HQ clean, tidy and very organised! She also has a very important job of helping with her grandkids while Mummy and Daddy set up events!


Meet Cashmere

The cutest little berry you ever did see. She occasionally comes along to set ups and toddles after her mummy and generally makes everyone smile with her cheeky ways

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Berry Vintage Event Hire Team

Okay, thats enough about us - after all its all about you!