FREE NAKED TIPI with any Nordic tipi  booking  

ends 28 Jan 2020 SAVE $1500!!!!!

Make a BIG Impression!

There is nothing that quite compares to the atmosphere created by our tipis. They bring with them a sense of magic and childlike wonder.  They create unique and everlasting memories which will leave your guests mystified. Our tipis give you the ability to have an event at your location of choice and experience the outdoors in a remarkable and unforgettable way. The unique design of the tipis allow the sides to not only be raised but also to link more than one together!

Nordic Tipi

-Internal Fairy lighting up all poles

-One tipi seats up to 60 or 80 standing, a double tipi seats up to 130.

- Woven mat flooring included

- Set up and pack down included

- Hanging greenery garland included

$3300 or $5500 for two + Travel

2 x Available

Naked Nordic Tipi

-Standard fairy lighting

-Seats up to 60 guests

- Woven flooring included

- Set up and pack down included

$1500 each + Travel

2 x Available

Things to consider when hiring our tipis

you will need choose an area that -

- The ground is level

- The area is away from electrical cables or pipes running underground   

- The area has good drainage, free from flooding

- There is easy access for a four wheel drive and a long heavy trailer (steep hills, loose gravel tight driveways or boggy areas will not be suitable)

- Also check how exposed the area is to the elements - is the area susceptible to high winds or bad weather? make sure you have a back up location nearby.

- Space - our Nordic tipi have a span of 13m each with the sides raised 

How big are the tipis?

Our tipis are 13m with the sides up or 10m if all sides are down.

How long is the hire Period?

Usually 3 days. We will set them up the day before and pack them down the day after.

What if there is bad weather forcast?

Our tipis are 100% weatherproof and can withstand bad weather. However, we may need to alter how the sides are configured to keep out the weather.

How many tipis do I need?

one nordic tipi will comfortably seat 60 people with sides down or up to 80 -100 with sides up. Also consider the area you will need to have a dance floor or lounge area.

Tipi (Teepee) Marquee Hire by Berry Vintage

Unforgettable.  Magical. Spectacular.  Make your next special event or celebration one to remember with our fantastic Nordic Tipis hire.   Ideal for Wedding Hire, Anniversary Parties, Special Events such as milestone Birthdays, 21st Birthdays, or any event where you want to give your party guests a unique experience including Corporate Events.

Custom Quotes and Hire Packages are available with Delivery, Set-up and Styling to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, South East Queensland rural and hinterland areas.

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