Vintage Desk

This beautiful old desk has had a make over with a rich varnished wood top! Signing table includes two chairs and decorations $110

Wooden signing table

Lovely antique style table with matching wooden carved chairs


complete with decorations. $110

Boho Table and Chairs

Our Stunning Varnished Cane setting makes a perfect signing table at your ceremony. Why not add some little garlands to complete the boho look? $110

Folding Wooden Signing Table

Our beautiful wooden signing table matches our wooden bistro chairs. $28

White Iron Side Table

This modern Table matches our white iron chairs! $35 

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 1.13.54 pm.png

Bamboo table and bench seat signing set

Lovely beachy style signing set comes with one bench seat and table.


complete with decorations. $110

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