Wild Flower Garland

Draped natives in a luscious, natural, wild palette oozing of rustic romance

Full garland $300

Half Garland $200 Designed for our large arbour - 2m length.

Greenery Garlands

Succulent, deep and richly toned green leaves and foliage. Our hand made greenery garlands are approx. 2m long. $38 for greenery or $55 to include flowers. Hanging greenery garlands $60

50 available in various styles

The English Garden

Pink and Cream Corner Garland

Soft, Romantic flowers in sweet, classic English garden tones. 



Native Pink Flower Baskets 

These gorgeous baskets of flowers filled with native flowers and greenery,  they look amazing down the aisle $40 each

Peaches and Cream

Pastel centre garland

Ice cream parlour pastel flowers on a bed of full foliage. 



Scarlet Blooms

Scarlet blooms and draped greenery. Bright, rich, bold red blooms imbedded in a delicious dramatic cascade of greenery.


Native Large Garland

This Gorgeous garland is filled with native flowers and greenery,  it looks amazing on any arbour $160 medium

$250 Large

sunflower garland.jpeg

Sunflower garland with side pieces

This Gorgeous garland will brighten any ceremony!  $250 4 pieces. Not for DIY


Lily Love

White flower table garland. A Beautiful and blanched white and washed out Lily and Rose explosion.

Perfect to add that special touch to your head table. can also be mounted on our arbours. $110

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