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Firstly, Welcome to Berry Vintage, and thank-you for taking the time to read our first blog! To begin with, I thought I would share with you how Berry Vintage came about, and some background information about the Berrys...

Daniel and I first met in Primary school in grade 1, by grade 4 I had developed quite a large crush on this tubby, rough, sweet, naughty little boy with an undercut! I even asked the teacher if I could move my desk, so I could be closer to him! Sadly, he left our school to move to the Sunshine Coast in grade 6, and I didn't hear from him again until Facebook came about many years later. When we did meet again, he still had the little stocking I gave him for christmas in grade 2 with the hand written tag still attached. His family put it on the christmas tree ever year!

After school ended Daniel moved overseas and began a career on super yachts, while I pursued my childhood dream of working with wildlife. I worked at a childcare centre part-time and also as a wildlife demonstrator which I was very passionate about. When Daniel and I met up again, it wasn't long before sparks were flying. However, Daniel was booked on a flight for America than back to France to continue his career. But after one month, he had changed his flights and had booked a one way ticket back to Australia just in time for the premier of a show I was in on TV - catching salt water crocs!

Daniel and I did a lot of traveling together before settling down in the Whitsundays, where we got engaged, married and had our daughter Onyx.

For our wedding my mother and I made everything. I wanted to have a vintage/rustic style wedding. From building arbours, to doily invites and wrapping mason jars and making desserts - we had it covered! I thought we were doing it cheap - But I'd hate to think how much we spent. From this, we were left with piles of handmade items just sitting there in storage. I had longed to start up a hire business with these items but really didnt have a clue where to start! I began making and selling handmade dreamcatchers while living up north on maternity leave. I called my little business Berry Dreams, then later changed it to Berry Vintage.

Once Onyx was 6 months old, we decided to move back to Brisbane where the urge to turn Berry Vintage into something more went into full swing. I began making and selling dreamcatchers and children clothing to fund the set up of Berry Vintage. I found it quite overwhelming - there is ALOT of things that go into setting up a Business - but I was in for the wild ride. I started a Facebook page - and BAM! before I could blink I had enquiries and my first bookings! I realised that this was really happening so by June I had registered Berry Vintage so it was offical!

I started out doing a bit of everything from fairy parties and teddybear picnics to engagements and weddings - but as time when on, I really found a passion for weddings - especially ceremonies!

It has been super exciting bringing my visions to life! I love to create - and hopefully offer unique setups that are boho/vintage inspired. The satisfaction we get from seeing happy customers is an amazing feeling. This year- 2017, I have been overwhelmed with enquiries and bookings and Daniel and I couldn't be happier or more excited! We have come along way in the last 8 months! please stay tuned as we have a very busy year ahead! If you are still reading this - I would like to say THANK YOU! It's because of supportive friends, family and fans that Berry Vintage is going onwards and upwards!

Renee Berry

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